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Legendary YGS Staffer Returns

Youth Guardian Services is excited at the return of Kristen "Andy" Foery. Kristen is YGS' new Volunteer Coordinator. She will oversee the development of training materials, placement of staff within programs, training of new staff, retention, hiring, and performance review, and will otherwise work with our volunteers to maximize their happiness and effectiveness within YGS.

Andy has a long history with YGS. She is much-loved by generations of YGS youth, and we're thrilled to have her back after a hiatus occasioned by the rigors of grad school. Welcome back, Andy!

YGS Staffer Wins Awesome Scholarship

Youth Guardian Services is proud to announce that Reigh-Leigh Foster, our Support Coordinator and the List Manager of the YOUTH13-17 list, is a recipient of the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership awarded by TD Bank Financial Group.

Reigh-Leigh is one of only 20 receipients selected from 3,700 applicants!

To be eligible for the scholarship, a Canadian student must be in his or her final year of high school and be attending post-secondary school for the next year.

Reigh-Leigh's scholarship is valued at up to $60,000. It covers university tuition and living expenses and includes an option of summer employment with TD Bank Financial Group.

Reigh-Leigh is an invaluable member of YGS's staff. She expertly administers a high-volume mailing list, provides peer support, and helps plan and maintain support projects. However, her valuable contributions to YGS aren't the only reason Reigh-Leigh won this award.

She helped establish the Yellow Ribbon Campaign in her school to address teen depression and provide students a safe place to go when they felt depressed or suicidal. She also started two support groups in her high school: a group to support students coping with depression and a gay-straight alliance. Reigh-Leigh also sits on the graduation, dance, and "teen issues" committees for her school, and is a peer counselor.

YGS congratulates our very worthy recipient of an excellent award, and thanks Reigh-Leigh for her continuing service to GLBTQ youth.

Development Director Appointed

Jesse Miller has been appointed YGS' Development Director. As YGS grows its staff to fulfill its mandate of helping youth help themselves, Jesse will be responsible for planning outreach efforts as needed to identify and connect with youth. She also will be responsible for traditional development work such as fundraising, which until this time has been handled exclusively by the Executive Director.

Jesse, 24, comes from an impressive professional background which includes event planning and fundraising. Her work with YGS will enable her to combine these talents with another passion: working for and with GLBTQ youth.

Thanks for joining us, Jesse!

YGS Appoints Support Coordinator

Youth Guardian Services is excited to announce the naming on April 24, 2005 of Reigh-Leigh Foster to the position of Support Coodinator.

Reigh-Leigh has for a long time been an outstanding member of the YOUTH lists staff. She has excelled as a role model for her youth coworkers, as a list administrator, and most importantly in providing support to lesbian, gay, bi and trans youth.

In her new position, Reigh-Leigh will assist with and oversee the efforts of YOUTH lists staff to continue helping GLBT youth help each other.

YGS List Members in the News

Two YOUTH13-17 listees are now published writers! Their stories appeared in the June 24-30, 2004 edition of The Stranger, a weekly alternative newspaper in Seattle. (The Stranger's chief editor is celebrity columnist Dan Savage).

The article, "Virtual Refugees," highlights how important the Internet is for so many gay, transgendered and questioning teens as they struggle to accept themselves and come out. The article is available online.

Congratulations to our two brave youth ambassadors to the press!

Youth Guardian Services Appoints New Executive Director

Youth Guardian Services, in keeping with its founding principles of being an organization run "by youth for youth," is proud to announce Patrick Quealy as its next Executive Director. Patrick begins his new role March 15, 2004. YGS Founder Jason Hungerford, who has served as the organization's Executive Director since he created Youth Guardian Services in 1997 at the age of 19, will continue to serve on the Board of Directors.

Last year, after turning 26, Jason asked the YGS Board of Directors to select a new youth leader to head the organization. The Board of Directors unanimously approved the appointment of Patrick Quealy to serve as the organization's next Executive Director. Jason remains committed to YGS and will continue being involved in helping the organization's continued growth and success.

"It is important that youth maintain the highest leadership roles within the organization," Jason said. "Youth Guardian Services was created on the principle that it would always be run by youth for youth. I am proud to witness the next youth leader step up to take on the role I have filled since YGS was first created, and lead this wonderful group to the next, new phase of its destiny."

Patrick has been actively involved with YGS dating back to its first year of operation, when he joined the YOUTH13-17 list for support. He has since held various leadership positions within the organization, including most recently serving as the Associate Director of YGS, a position he has held since November 2001.

Patrick counts himself among the many mentoring successes of Youth Guardian Services and enthusiastically looks forward to bringing a newer, younger vision and energy to the organization's leadership.

"Many of our volunteers have told me that the reason they work for Youth Guardian Services is that YGS saved their lives," Patrick said. "Since I joined the lists years ago, I have watched members of the Youth Guardian Services family be there for each other through pain and happiness, hardship and success. I am honored and humbled by the confidence that the Board of Directors and my dear friend and mentor, Jason, have placed in me. I hope to make them proud."

"Patrick has served as my closest adviser and has shown tremendous leadership and dedication to the organization," Jason said. "He is, without a doubt, one the strongest, most brilliant youth leaders I know."

YGS Board Chair Steve Schalchlin said, "What excites me about this is the fact that it's a generational turnover which sets a precedent for succeeding Executive Directors. It also emphasizes the fact that the support groups at YGS act to mentor new leaders among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth." He added, "By empowering young people to run the organization for themselves, they can more readily address the continuing and changing needs of youth because they themselves are peers with the young people YGS has been established to help."

Youth Guardian Services is a youth-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and straight supportive youth through peer-operated, Internet-based projects and programs.

YGS Receives $2,500 Challenge Grant

UPDATE: As of March 1, 2004 we have surpassed our goal of raising $2,500 for the matching challenge grant. Our donors stepped up and showed their overwhelming support by donating over $3,700. Combined with the matching funds, YGS was able to raise over $6,200 in just three months! We thank all of you for your support in our fundraising efforts. Remember, all donations to Youth Guardian Services are tax-deductible, and we need your support all throughout the year. Thanks again for making this such a successful achievement for us!

Youth Guardian Services is honored to have been offered recently a generous challenge grant.

As always, donations to YGS through March 31, 2004 are tax deductible -- but they also will be matched by a generous donor, up to as much as $2,500 in matching funds. This has the effect of doubling the amount of money donated to YGS in that time.

And the news gets even better. Many employers will match employees' donations to charitable causes such as YGS. If your employer does this, then any donation you make to YGS between now and the end of March will be quadrupled!

Twenty-five dollars pledged to YGS can be matched by an employer to become $50; our challenge grant will turn that into $100!

One hundred dollars pledged to YGS can be matched by an employer to become $200; our challange grant will turn that into $400!

This opportunity to double, or even quadruple, the financial support you give to YGS may not come again for a long time. If you are interested in making a donation, please email Jason.

YGS Featured on TV Show

Youth Guardian Services will be featured on the television show "Many Voices Many Visions" on Sunday, October 5 at 9 a.m. on the Rochester, NY ABC affiliate WOKR channel 13.

This is YGS's television debut.

The half-hour community program focuses on issues of diversity in the local area. This Sunday's episode will be about the services Youth Guardian Services provide to gay, questioning, and straight supportive youth on the Internet, especially the YOUTH Lists. The show features the founder and Executive Director of Youth Guardian Services, Jason Hungerford, as well as YGS volunteers and YOUTH List subscribers who will talk about their experience and involvement with the organization. Among the other YGSers on the show are Dom DiCerbo, the YOUTH Lists Coordinator, YOUTH17-21 List Manager, YOUTH Lists Subscription Manager, as well as a YGS Board member; Simon Li, a YOUTH Lists subscriber and past YGS volunteer; and Jason Seymour, YGS Technology Director and Jason Hungerford's life partner.

Youth Speak Out to Providers

The Youth Speak Out to Providers survey has ended a year-long period collecting data from youth around the country. Once the data is analyzed, the researchers will bring the data back for youth to comment on it and help us to understand it better. Thank you to all the youth who have participated. Stay tuned for the next phase!

The purpose of the study is to find out what youth ages 13 to 21 years old in the U.S. and Canada consider to be important qualities for health care providers and health care settings, and what concerns or problems youth consider to be important to discuss with health care providers. Information from this study will be used to inform and train health care providers on how to better serve youth.

This research study is being conducted by Neal Hoffman, MD, Katherine Freeman, Dr.PH, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York, and Stephanie Swann, MSW, PhD, University of Georgia, in collaboration with Youth Guardian Services.

Steve Schalchlin Releases New CD

Steve Schalchlin, the composer and lyricist of the award-winning, hit musical The Last Session and the Youth Guardian Services Board of Directors Chairperson, releases his latest recording, "BEYOND THE LIGHT" exclusively through YGS.

You cannot get this NEW CD anywhere else but right here!

This is the second time Steve Schalchlin has recorded a CD with the majority of profits going to benefit Youth Guardian Services. In 2000, Steve released "The Bonus Round Sessions" and donated all the money from the sale of that CD to YGS in memory of one of his best friends, Richard ("Dickie") Lee Remley. Dickie was a great friend and a huge supporter of young people, and Steve wanted to be sure his memory will lived on in the work Youth Guardian Services does for youth everywhere.

The new "Beyond The Light" CD is the product of months of work and it reflects a whole new sound that Steve fans are just going to love!

You know you have to have this CD! Visit the BRAND NEW Steve Schalchlin Online Store to place your order for "Beyond The Light" or "The Bonus Round Sessions." And through special arrangements, we now have THE LAST SESSION Original Cast Recording CD and "The Souvenir Album" available too. Plus, we're offering exclusive downloads of audio and video clips of some new stuff Steve is working on, plus some older stuff that you can't get anymore. Come hear the MP3 sample clips of the new CD at The Steve Schalchlin Online Store.

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